Here at THE BOX we decide which massage technique is the most suitable for you,
Just decide if you want Disconnect to Connect (1h reservation), Total Disconnection (1.30h reservation) or Total Disconnection Acupuncture (reservation of 1.30h - 1.40h)


The Box, the personalized ritual is the massage of my own creation, I observed, listened and acted to elaborate a custom ritual. To drain, activate circulation, mobilize liquids, reaffirm, reduce expression lines and transform facial expression. A surprising mix of opposite and complementary techniques and movements that reaffirm the skin, eliminate toxins and promote external and internal well-being. It works and activates the interior for exterior beauty.

After the session, the tired face, dark circles, bags, fine wrinkles and general swelling disappear. The look is fresh, relaxed and awake. The strength of The Box ritual lies in the oriental philosophy yin-yang, of opposite and complementary movements. All my treatments include the LED light mask, which activates cell regeneration.

Kobido is a combination of traditional Japonese medicine and special hand manipulation techniques and is composed of three steps: cleaning, hydration and energising.

The objective is to reach a balance between the skin and facial muscles and at the same time a complete balance of body and mind.

he facial massage combined with this technology is the first non-invasive and non-surgical facelift, improving both muscle tone and skin tone. It works simultaneously on the facial skin and muscles using automated programs to stimulate, tone, drain, or prepare the skin for operations and post-operative care. It also offers preventive, maintenance, and corrective services.

It integrates three advanced technologies:

  1. Myostimulation: Stimulates and tones facial muscles.
  2. Radiofrequency: Heats the dermis, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.
  3. Microcurrents: Activate cellular regeneration.

These technologies are combined with manual facial massage to offer complete facial rejuvenation, improving the structure and appearance of the skin without surgery.

NOT suitable for pregnant women, nor individuals with pacemakers or metallic braces.

We recommend one treatment per week for 4 weeks and then continuing with maintenance once a month.

Acupuncture not only serves to balance the organism from the inside, it also helps aesthetically, since it improves blood and lymphatic flow, to the production of collagen and elastin general toning of facial tissue (elasticity and reaffirmation). This treatment helps reduce, reduce and correct wrinkles, activating points throughout the body, not just facial ones, that’s why I call her an aesthetic acupuncturist and not a facial one.

You are still yourself, the expression on your face does not change, your skin is more tense and luminous, with fewer expression marks and more vital.
The ideal standard is a treatment of 10-12 sessions depending on the condition and type of skin and your general condition, the change and improvement can be seen from the beginning. Sessions are approximately one hour and 30-45 minutes. The treatments consist of hygiene, LED lamp with facial and body acupuncture and a final massage. I base myself on three TCM principles, skin and muscles.

The  Face Yoga is a natural way of looking and feeling younger and healthier with an added sense of relaxation and wellbeing. It is a combination of face exercises, face massage, face acupressure and face relaxation. It also focuses on wellbeing techniques for the mind, body and soul. The interesting thing about facial yoga that I do, is that I incorporated exercises of the Bates Method, improving vision without glasses.

Face Yoga is for everyone, men and women, young and old. It is never too late to start improving the health of your face, is very useful if you want to reduce signs of ageing and tension. Whether you are starting to see the first signs of ageing or if you have deep set lines and wrinkles. The exercises and techniques will be beneficial for you.

Face yoga method is also a preventative measure. The earlier you start the exercises the less likely you are to see signs of ageing and tension in the face. Remember as well as using Face Yoga as an anti ageing tool, you can also use it through times of stress to reduce those tell-tale signs that can show on your face.

Facial Yoga classes and self-massage by video calls,

Group classes of  Facial MasterClass and face self-massage.Minimum 4 maximum 8 people. Group classes organized € 35 per person. MasterClass plus Gua Sha €100. To coordinate.

Group classes are approximately 1:15 minutes.

Face-to-face classes or by individual video call, we agree on a schedule by agenda.

Sculptural Facial Lifting works the basic facial and masticatory muscles of the face simultaneously, from the outside through the skin and through the oral cavity from inside the mouth, improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, increases microcirculation in Subcutaneous adipose tissue, normalizes cellular respiration, activates tissue metabolism and nutrition. In other words, it promotes the internal resources of the body for rejuvenation and natural recovery.

Massage with cupping, it is therapeutic Formerly it was believed that with cupping the spirits that cause diseases could be extracted.

Now we also know that a massage whit a Beauty Tool combined with oils, they stimulate blood flow to the tissue, stimulate the lymphatic system and help smooth expression lines, eliminate toxins from the skin and improve the circulatory system.


Japonese acupressure technique utilising finger pressure on specific points of the body, with the purpose of balancing the body’s vital energies.

If one’s vital energy flows correctly the benefits are many: Balance of the nervous, respiratory and digestive systems, improved blood flow, better muscle tone and the reduction of fluid retention with the consecuence of improved lymphatic drainage and the elimination of toxins. 

Manual lymphatic drainage based on the Vodder system; through soft, measured rythmic movements provoking a powerful sedative effect relaxing the nervous system. It leads to the elimination of toxins, stimulating the movement of the circulatory system due to the pumping movements and increasing the draining effect, reducing inflammation and strengthening the immune system.