My passion is to work with my hands, with them he communicated to me.

Other passion of my, Chinese medicine and its elements, in all my treatment I apply the theory of Yin and yang.

My philosophy is as faithful as possible in each discipline, my creation, the eye massage.

From a young age I was involved in the world of wellbeing.
My parents owned a gym where my father aided the recovery of people affected by vascular and motor disorders.
  Due to my curiosity for the Japonese culture I began my Shiatsu training at the Japonese School of Shiatsu, where I studied for three years. (It is currently the only Spanish school recognised in Japan).

I completed a masters in Shiatsu with Dr.Fulvio Palombino (teacher authorised by Matsuko Naikoshi). I have been trained in Kobodo I, II and III with Dr. Shogo Mochizuki (the Master of the 26thgeneration of the house and lineage of Kobido). Also study with Yakov Gershkovich Author, Creator and Master Trainer of Sculptural Face Lifting Method.

In parallel I studied for a year in the process of lympatic drainage. Following my interest in inside and outside beauty, I studied to be a Facial Yoga Teacher with Danielle Collins, the Danielle Collins face Yoga Method and I am studying with Fumiko Takatsu, Face Yoga Method. Facial Acupuncture and Facial Muscle Acupuncture, Hamptons Acupuncture.

I have learnt other oriental techniques:
Hinaishin-ho method. (Intradermic needle technique), Sotai-ho postural work, zonal acupunture, auriculotherapy, moxibustion, cupping and an assistant nursing course.